RMS Community Consultation on Euston and McEvoy road projects now open

Roads and Maritime (RMS) have opened community consultation on preliminary concept design for a wider, faster, heavier traffic highway (think Parramatta Road!) through Alexandria.

The plan proposes 24 hour clearways the entire length of Euston and McEvoy straight through Alexandria, 6 lane sections, property acquisitions, reduction of green edges & pedestrian areas in some places, faster traffic at greatly increased volumes and a resultant increase in traffic noise and area pollution.

Many of these outcomes are not mentioned in the RMS promotional material on this site.

Please look over the RMS materials and give your opinion to them via their online feedback tool


or at the community sessions next week.

Share this news and post with your like-minded neighbours, friends and networks.

The sessions will be held on:

Saturday 17 June – 10am to 12pm
Thursday 22 June – 6pm to 8pm

at the Terrace Room, All Sorts Function Centre,
184 Bourke Road, Alexandria.

Roads and Maritime website for the A2MP Project is


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